With our affiliate marketing software, you can manage your own private affiliate network, with an optional payment module.

Manage your affiliation network

Control and manage both affiliates and affiliate networks

Give them access to direct affiliates and affiliate networks, so they can get ad codes themselves and implement their postbacks.

Plataforma de afiliacion
Plataforma de afiliacion

Advanced commission system

Measure and commission the different models: CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA and CPI.

Create different commission models and apply different commissions per support. Make retroactive changes to commissions, create commission rules.

Technology features

Payments System

Optional payment system to make payments to all affiliates from the platform. Possibility of paying affiliates in all countries of the world.

Product Feed

Upload your product feed to measure impressions and clicks of all products. Measure the sales of each product with the value of the product.

Affiliates Interface

Affiliate interface, where they can check their statistics, modify their bank details, configure their postbacks, download ad codes, etc.

Publishers Third Party Pixels

Set up all the pixels for publishers easily. Or give them access for them to configure.

Conversion Control

Advanced panel to measure and control various types of conversions. Validate or deny conversions and commission only for what has been validated.

Commission Rules

Create commission rules to increase commissions to affiliates. Set goals to incentivize affiliates.

Soporte tecnico tracking campaigns

Technical support

Our team of technical experts will help you on a daily basis, with the doubts and questions of the affiliates on technical aspects, billing issues, etc. We will help you with the implementation of the affiliation network.