With our campaign measurement software, you will be able to correctly measure all leads from all campaigns, applying commissions.

Measure and manage all leads easily

From the control panel, validate and manage all the leads of all the campaigns.

Attribute the leads to the corresponding publisher, and use the postbacks system to launch third-party pixels or give publishers access to the platform. Manage s2s pixels in an easy way.

Plataforma generacion de leads
Plataforma generacion de leads

Advanced commission system

Measure and commission the different models: CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA and CPI.

Create different commission models and apply different commissions per support. Make retroactive changes to commissions, create commission rules.

Technology features

Impression Tracking

Increase campaign measurement and first-party data collection by simply adding an impression pixel to any HTML email or display creative.

Mobile Campaigns

Measure mobile campaigns, and make quick integrations through postbacks.

Real-Time Reporting System

Overview reports by campaigns, publishers and ads. Detailed reports by clicks, by location (country and city), by device, by ISP, by testAB, etc.

Publishers Third Party Pixels

Set up all the pixels for publishers easily. Or give them access for them to configure.

User Friendly Interface

A platform developed for account managers. Create clients, campaigns, all type of ads and pixels very quickly and easily.

Call Center Leads

Integrate and measure offline conversions made from call centers.

Soporte tecnico tracking campaigns

Technical support

Our team of technical experts will help you on a daily basis, with the implementation of publisher pixels, identify and help you solve technical issues in a campaign so that you can launch as quickly as possible.