A multichannel marketing software for measurement and attribution, to analyse and understand the interactions between channels and the most common user journeys.

Identify customers interactions between channels

Analyse customers journeys and the influence between channels with our cross channel report.

Measure all digital marketing channels, including affiliates, email, search, display, organic and offline, for understanding how your customers interact with your brand including offline conversions.

marketing multicanal
marketing multicanal

Analyse channel performance and attribution models

Measure leads, sales, offline conversions, or any goal.

Correctly attributes conversions to each channel to measure performance. Analyze attribution models to understand the influence between marketing channels.

Technology features

Impression Tracking

Increase campaign measurement and first-party data collection by simply adding an impression pixel to any HTML email or display creative.

Account Control

Create an access for each user, customize permissions by creating access roles. No limit of number of users.

Reporting System

Advanced reporting system with analysis of influence between channels with a cross-channel report, attribution models, most common user journeys, etc.

Advanced API

Use postbacks to upload conversions to Google Ads. Import and export data with API access.

Product Feed

Upload your product feed to measure impressions and clicks of all products. Measure the sales of each product with the value of the product.

Offline Conversions

Measure and include offline conversions on user journeys. Measure offline leads of a call center or offline sales.

Soporte tecnico tracking campaigns

Technical support

Our team of technical experts will help you identify and carry out the initial implementation for the correct measurement of all channels. With initial daily monitoring and training in managing the platform and reporting system for your entire team.