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Tracking tool
Finance control
Reporting system
Affiliate platform


Advanced tracking and adserving platform for business control

Optimized Tracking tool

High availability server structure

Multi-events measurement

Complete customer journey

Multi attribution tracking

SSL transport layer security

Auto Bot detection


Easy using Ad-serving

Full hosting and adserving solution for controlling campaign delivery (Emailing, Display and RTB)

Optimization rules

Targeting options

All formats: image, html, video

Content delivery network (CDN)

Take control of your finances

Edit commissions

All changes are applied inmediately and with retroactive effect.

Real time commissions

Commissions (cpc, cpm, cpl, cpa) are available in all reports in real time.

Control costs and revenues

Fields for seperate costs and revenues, for having total control of finance.

Bonus commissions

Possiblity to add extra commissions (bonus) for reached goals.

Advanced reporting system

Customize reports per user
Reporting with graphs included
Data tables with filters, reorder columns, select multiple ordering criteria
Exportable tables and graphs
Cross reports (link between reports)
Report subscription
Access reports via API

Customized affiliate platform

Publisher interface (self service)

Customize your platform and give access to your publishers, so they can apply to programs and download ads.

Reporting for publishers

Affiliates will access their own dashboard and report system, where they can see their commissions. Access via API.

Billing system

Our billing system can be used to pay all your affiliates.


Advanced tracking and adserving platform for business control